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Canyon Rim Playground Rules


The Recess 3
1. Is it safe?
2. is it respectful?
3. does it protect school property?


General Recess Rules

General Rules (in all areas)​:

  • Students must be visible to a supervisor/teacher at all times, and MAY NOT play between or behind the portable classrooms, or near classrooms in session. Upper graders may not sit at tables or spend time near the portables at any time outside of the classroom.
  • Students must stay on the east side of the tree line/fence dividing the campus and the park.
  • Students must stop playing, immediately freeze, and crouch down when the bell rings and relocate themselves to the blacktop. When the supervisor/teacher blows the whistle, students WALK to their lines. If on the grass or apparatus, students walk to the edge of the blacktop and wait for the supervisor/teacher to blow the whistle to begin walking to their line.
  • Students may not come up to the office without permission from a supervisor/teacher on duty. They must have a hall pass or note.
  • Students are not allowed in the halls during recess or lunch.
  •  Teachers will designate a place to meet students wanting to help during lunch or recess. Students may not wait outside classrooms.
  • Students are to place all trash in the trash cans and help keep the school clean.
  • Gum is not allowed at school without teacher or administrator permission. This includes candy with gum in it.
  • Toys may not be brought to school.
  • No physical contact – no pushing, pulling, kicking, shoving, hitting, or threatening another person on campus. Hands, legs, and arms should never make contact with another student.
  • Cell phones, smart-watches, or other electronics are not permitted during school hours. They should be turned off. Smart-watches should only be used for timekeeping purposes only – no gaming!
  • Tag is not allowed at any time or in any area on the playground or campus.
  • Inappropriate​ language, swear words, etc. are never to be used on the playground, even “just as a joke”.
  • No student should lift another student at any time.


  • Students get drinks and use the restroom before the end of recess before the bell rings.
  • Restrooms are to be used to go to the restroom and wash hands. No playing in or around the restrooms. They must be kept clean.

Eating (snack or lunch time)​:

  • Lunchpails go on the line during snack, and lunch cart during lunch prior to playing.
  • In order to avoid choking on food, students are asked to wait until getting to the lunch tables to begin eating their snack or lunch. ​No eating snacks or lunch on the way to the lunch tables – all eating needs to be done at the tables only – Walk from your classroom out to the tables.
  • Food will not be removed from lunch pail/bag until seated at your class’s table.
  • Primary students must sit down at tables to eat. Standing at/or around tables is not permitted. Upper grade students may stand around their classroom tables.
  • No running with the lunch carts at the end of lunch recess. ​They must be walked back to the classroom. No riding or sitting on the carts.
  • Clothing items such as pants and sweatshirt pockets are not the places for food to be stored.

In Line (for games, classroom lines, etc.):

  1. Do NOT cut in line, or give “cuts” to anyone in line.
  2. Students should keep hands and feet to themselves in line, while respecting personal space.
  3. Students should hold the balls and equipment in line and on the way to their lines – no bouncing, kicking, or playing with equipment in line.
  4. No hand games while standing in line. Students should be facing forward at all times.
  5. Students should not yell or scream in line – low talking voices are permitted.


Blacktop Rules:

  1. Students must walk on the blacktop at all times. No running on the blacktop (besides during basketball, handball, switch, or other blacktop games that involve running).
  2. No helicopter, Red Rover, and Mousetrap (with jump ropes).
  3. No walking through other students’ games.
  4. No drop-kicking balls or other equipment.

Apparatus/Wood Chip Rules​:

  1.  No climbing or jumping off the slides.
  2. No running on the wood-chips.
  3. No balls or equipment in the wood chip area.
  4. No kicking wood-chips.
  5. Only one student is to be on each section (slide, steps, ladders, climbers, rings) at a time.
  6. Wait for other students to climb up the apparatus – form a line.


Swing Rules​:

  1.  Swing in one direction facing the Multi-Purpose Room.
  2. Students must sit on the swing – no kneeling, standing, or laying.
  3. You are allowed 25 full swings if someone is waiting in line. A full swing is a complete up and back motion.
  4. You may not count on the student who counted on you. Find another swing and count on that student.
  5. Only one student on a swing at a time.
  6. You may not jump off/out of the swing.
  7. Students must wait outside the swing area for a turn.
  8. You may not push another student on the swings.


Bars Rules​:

  1. Students are to hang from the bars using their hands only. They are not to hang from any horizontal bar by the legs or any other body part.
  2. No student should be under another student at any time.
  3. No feet on the bars, hands should be on the bars at all times – no walking or crawling across the top of the bars.
  4. No pulling on anyone, when hanging on bars.
  5. Students may not do flips, twists, or jumps off the bars.

Field Rules​:

  1.  The field is for playing soccer, kickball, catch, or running
  2. No climbing on the fences.
  3. Students should not lift one another, such as to do cheer lifts or gymnastics.
  4. The game of Red Rover is not allowed.
  5. No jumping in puddles, or playing in the mud.
  6. No picking grass, digging, etc.


Balls/Equipment Rules​:

  1. If you bring a ball out, you have to leave it at the game that you started, and you have to bring it back.
  2. Students may not make up their own rules to any games at any location on the playground. This includes but is not limited to: handball, four square, basketball, and field games.
  3. If a ball or equipment goes over the fence, please tell a supervisor/teacher, but do not expect to get it back until the end of the day.
  4. Jump ropes should be used for individual use, or in groups with two rope turners and one jumper. More than one jumper is not permitted
  5. No CARES daycare equipment should be used during school hours.
  6. Jump ropes may not be used for swinging in the air or on the ground, such as playing helicopter.
  7. No equipment should be used before the 8:00 a.m. bell in the morning or after the end of day bell. ​If you find CARES equipment or other equipment before 8:00 a.m., you must return it to a supervisor. You may not play with it, even though you found it.