Join PTA

Stay tuned for 2021/2022 School Year PTA Memberships info!

Why PTA?

Canyon Rim Elementary relies heavily on the fundraising efforts provided by the PTA in order to maintain many of the technology, programs and activities our students benefit from. In this period of distance learning you may be wondering how joining PTA and direct donations can even help the school. Canyon Rim’s PTA board of parent volunteers have met extensively over the summer to address this question, which we all have had. We are confident that now, more than ever, it is important for our families to rally behind our school by joining PTA and providing direct donations to ensure quality enhancements to distance learning and to maintain the budget for our planned activities and programs for when we are all back on campus.

Have a Voice

We are working with many of our enrichment program providers to offer unique online activities for our students. This will allow our classes to have fun and exciting enhancements to their regular daily schooling online.  None of this would be possible without our parents providing direct donations and joining PTA!  Signing up to be a PTA member allows you to have a voice in the discussions about our school’s PTA budget and the programs and initiatives driven from it. Our parents will now have the ability to join Zoom PTA meetings, which we hope will allow even more parent members, who are so impactful in the decisions we make for the school and students, to participate. Now, perhaps more than ever before, is an important time to be involved in PTA.

Direct Donations

Direct donations will be the main source of funding for Canyon Rim this year since most in-person fundraisers, such as our fall festival, will not take place. A deficit now will result in diminished programs for our students in the future.  Most likely, Canyon Rim will be the school your children are at longer than any other. Each year’s fundraising activities have a reaching impact on future plans and programs, which benefit all students. This fact is demonstrated now by the ipads and chromebooks available to our students who need them at home during this time.  Without the previous years’ PTA fundraisers and budgeting our school would not have these devices available.  Direct donations also contribute to the PTA budgeted reimbursement of school supplies that our teachers purchase out of pocket to supplement their curriculum. 

Canyon Rim depends on its parents and families and their fundraising support to bridge the gap and provide the enhanced educational programs, technology purchases and upgrades, and campus improvements experienced by all of our children.  Your donations now help to provide programs during distance learning and will supplement the budget for our future on campus activities our students have come to look forward to such as:

  • Academic programs such as Discovery Cube Mobile Science Programs, Walk-Through California, The American Revolution and Ancient Civilizations.
  • Enchriments in the arts such as Art Masters, Music education and performances for TK through 4th Grade students (district only provides music for 5th & 6th), Imagination Machine (creative writing), and the Dare to Dance assembly.
  • Our STEAM Lab for Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math learning.
  • Physical Education equipment to support our new PE program launching this school year.
  • Birthday Book Club – our library’s only source of funding!
  • Classroom Chromebooks and iPads